Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and conducted by
the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT)

Roster Verification Tool Pilot with Hillsborough

Working with the other TSDL states, Florida will take an existing roster verification tool (from Louisiana DOE) and create a public domain version for optional use by Florida school districts. Eventually, it will be available to all states. This project will include:

  • A process diagram to show the inputs, outputs, steps, and decision points in the roster verification process at the LEA and school level.*
  • A set of business requirements for the roster verification tool to define the functions it will perform, the types of users and the roles they will have in using the tool, the security requirements, and the types of information to be provided by the process and tool.* Non-TSDL districts (e.g., Lee County) may be contacted for input on the business requirements.
  • A data model to support the data needs of the roster verification process.*
  • A conceptual design for the roster verification and data extract tools.
  • A set of functional requirements for the roster verification tool and SIS interface to meet the business requirements.
  • A set of technical specifications for the roster verification and data extract tools.
  • Software that operationalizes the business and functional requirements.
  • Pilot Hillsborough County's acceptance of the tools and validation that the tools perform as specified.
  • Training materials, marketing materials, and user documentation.
  • Train-the-trainer sessions for Hillsborough County teachers and administrators.
  • Instructions for non-TSDL pilot LEAs who elect to use the roster verification tools and process.

Note: * Indicates that these are reviewed by the participating TSDL states.

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