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TSDL Reports and White Papers

How Georgia's work on four pilot projects lead to the state's Longitudinal Data System to function effectively, ensuring that students and teachers are correctly linked, rosters are verified, and course profiles are accurate:


The role of roster verification in supporting a high quality teacher-student data link, the processes being used by school districts and state education agencies to verify rosters, and best practices for roster verification to support the various uses of the Teacher-Student Data Link (TSDL):


A guide to evaluate the roster verification tools being considered for use by a school district and/or a state:


Louisiana’s accomplishments, challenges, and next steps with their three TSDL projects: Roster Verification, Data Movement Architecture, New Orleans Student Attendance Tracker System:


A review of 4 critical elements that need review as systems examine, develop, and refine their early childhood data practices:


Five critical components of Arkansas’ overall plan to strengthen its processes and systems related to the data link between teachers and students:


This report articulates the scope, challenges, and progress underway in states towards incorporating student and teacher attendance into their teacher-student data link work:


The Ohio Department of Education's priority was to develop the definitions and policies associated with establishing "teacher of record" for the teacher-student data link (TSDL):


The Georgia Department of Education inquired how they can make the information the state collects more useful to local school districts:


The Louisiania Department of Education created the following Roster Verification Guidebook:

Kentucky assessment of where they were in readiness to implement a teacher-student data link and how they leveraged best practices from other states:


Colorado's work to develop the capacity to link teachers and students through their data system:


The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) authored the following resources:


Battelle for Kids produced the following white paper:

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