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Key TSDL Components

An accurate and timely teacher-student data link requires a number of education system activities and responsibilities to be thoroughly discussed and aligned. TSDL research has identified those areas, grouping them into the following set of ten key components, and the processes they encompass were verified by educators as fieldwork progressed.
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  1. Use and Purpose of Teacher-Student Data Link
  2. Data Governance Structure
  3. Unique Student Identifier
  4. Unique Educator Identifier
  5. Courses and Schedules
  6. Daily Attendance/Membership
  7. Assessments and Outcomes Data
  8. Data Linkages, Flow, and Integration
  9. Interagency Data Systems
  10. Policies and Definitions for Teacher-Student Data Link
Each of the ten key components has supporting processes at the school, school district, and state levels. CELT defines a process as a procedure that is done on a regular basis and involves adherence and fidelity to predefined guidelines. These components and the main corresponding processes are listed in the table: Ten Key Components and the Core Business Processes Necessary at Each Level.

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