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Data Model

The data model is just one example from a transactional system perspective (normalized - operational). It shows the data elements required to support a Teacher of Record (TOR) definition and whether these can be gathered in a cost-effective manner.
  • This model focuses only on core elements and relationships required to make the teacher-student link.
  • Specific data needs will vary based on Teacher of Record definition and specific uses for the link.
  • The structure will vary based on use, e.g., normalized vs. de-normalized.
  • Fields such as "Birthdate” may not be required to make the link but support matching/validation/quality assurance.
  • Naming convention and element definitions used here generally follow Common Data Standards Initiative.
  • Elements identified as "NCES” should use or map to NCES options sets, e.g., NCES Service Setting Code.
  • The model assumes student assessment data will be linked to the student and learning standards. The assessment data and structure of that data may vary.
  • The model supports non-traditional linkages, e.g., "Class” could capture "Instances of Learning” outside of the traditional course-section.
  • Summary fields may be replaced by links to more detailed data, e.g., daily attendance details may be linked to ClassMembership instead of "Number of Days Absent” and "Number of Days In Attendance”.

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