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the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT)

Data Movement Architecture (DMA)

To accurately identify a student linked with a teacher, student rosters must be collected on a frequent basis. The Louisiana Department of Education bases its processing of these rosters on various business rules which take into account the enrollment of the student in a class. Having this frequently collected data stored in a historical database allows the state some flexibility applying the business rules to its roster verification system/process. This historical collection also provides more refined grouping of students, thus reducing the effort on the teacher to validate the link. This project builds the infrastructure to collect additional data as required by the SEA with minimal intrusion or resources demand on the LEAs. The DMA project is intended to do the following in support of the TSDL:

  • Provide flexibility in allowing more frequent data pulls from the LEAs.
  • Allow for a longitudinal history of the changing data to be held and managed with this DMA.
  • Improve the quality of the CVR data for the teachers and principals to verify, by using accurate data based on the roster verification business rules.
  • Allow for the flexibility to modify the business rules without having to go back to the LEAs to modify their data extracts.
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