TSDL: Teacher Student Data Link Project
Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and conducted by the Center for Educational
Leadership and Technology (CELT) with guidance and dissemination support from the Data Quality Campaign (DQC)

Roster Verification

The primary linkage between students and teachers is in the course-section assignments. Students receive a schedule at the beginning of school or upon enrollment that lists their courses and teachers. The courses are often described in a common course catalog at the state level, indicating which standards are taught in that course. Assuming that the The class roster isteacher assigned to the course has sole responsibility for instructing the student on the standards listed for the course, one might conclude that the teacher listed is the individual who is accountable for teaching that student these standards.

Whether or not an individual student or teacher is present for a particular day’s learning activity is not always captured accurately. As shown in the figure below, the class attendance sheet or grade book combines with the group of students who are assigned to the course-section to give a list of the students actually present for a learning activity. Discrepancies occur because of issues such as student absenteeism, relocation, pullout, and unrecorded schedule changes. Changes to the assigned teacher occur because of substitutes, co-teaching arrangements, pre-service teaching assignments and other situations. To fully implement the TSDL, a process needs to be in place that can verify the class roster on a regular basis.

Class Roster Verification

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